Any event whether it is a marriage or a party or any other occasion, when any person invite his friends and family for celebration is not complete without the food and beverage. Most of the people tend to forget the event after some years, but they do not forget the taste of food and beverage year after year. This is the importance of the food and beverage in any wedding which is organized and is outsourced to the caterers.

In India or most importantly in the Rajasthan state, it is an old tradition that the parents of the bride organize the complete wedding and decide the caterer and the food menu. We as a wedding planner, try to take the stress of the wedding from the hosts who are organizing everything. Our caterers are very well recognized for their tasty food and the variety in the food and beverage menu.

Our company, www.Shaadiwala.in, is based in Jaipur and we cater to every whim of our client to make the best day of bridal couple’s life a memorable event which they will remember all their life.

We help you to decide the type of food menu, eating arrangements such as buffet or traditional arrangements where the guests sit in a line at table and chair and eat food. As Indian cuisine is diverse and extensive, we customize the menu as per the client’s tastes and preferences. The type of menu includes traditional Rajasthan dishes, completely western or a mish mash of traditional dishes and other favorite items of the bridal couple.

We provide every service regarding the breakfast, lunch and dinner. All our client has to do is to provide a list of his favorite food menu during the negotiation and provide the complete information regarding the number of guests expected during the meal time and their preferences to our company.

Why Choose Shaadiwala for Wedding Plannings

Shaadiwala is a destination wedding management company based in Jaipur.

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