The wedding and various ceremonies of wedding are the special moments for the bride and the other ladies in the house. To celebrate this special moment and the day, we hire a special make-up artist and beauty parlor lady to make the bride most beautiful woman in the world for that special moment in her life. We also help to beautify the ladies who are the members of both families of the bridal couple. The make-up artists and the beauty parlor ladies helps to beautify the ladies which is suitable for various ceremonies which continues for several days. These services includes the application of beauty products , hair products and styling of the hairs in different types which will look beautiful in the ceremony, In addition to that, the beauty expert also helps the bride to drape the saree. If required, she also provides help to the guests for these services. Our beauty expert also provides the special hair jade which is required by the South Indian brides.

Although, our company www.Shaadiwala.in is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we provide beauty experts as per the type of wedding ceremonies such as Rajasthani, North Indian, South Indian, Western ceremonies etc.

Beauty preparations are an important part of wedding preparation. Most of the people, who are organizing their children’s weddings, do not have idea about how to find the best beauty expert for the occasion and they take tension about this issue. But our company as a wedding planner has lot of contacts which we utilize for our client’s benefits. All you have to do is to decide the number of ladies in the family or the guests who require this facility and your budget to our executives. We will handle everything else for your benefit and make sure that everything is on schedule.

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Shaadiwala is a destination wedding management company based in Jaipur.

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