Indian wedding is normally a sacred event which is witnessed by lot of guests from both brides and grooms side. Most of them are relatives from all over the country and the friends of brides and grooms. It is an elaborate affair the timing of which ranges from 3 to 5 days, when different ceremonies related to marriage is conducted at the venue depending upon the demands of the religion. One of the main issues, when it comes to the choice of venue is the place for vehicle parking, for both the hosts and the guests. As the number of guests rise and fall as per the guest list of the wedding hosts, the parking facility is required to be flexible for the duration. Then, there is also question of accessibility, safety, security and convenience which is very important for the vehicles of guests and hosts both.

As a wedding planner company, we understand and plan resolution for these issues, while checking out the location. We offer different venues for our clients where the valet parking is provided by the wedding venues to the hosts and guests during the wedding event. Valet parking can be described as the service where the guests do not have to park the vehicle. Their vehicle is parked by an appointed person for the task.

This main advantage of this service is that the guest does not have to walk to the main venue from the distant parking spot which is also a great convenience in the bad weather. The valets at these venues are knowledgeable about the different car models and their quirks such as keyless ignition and aftermarket alarm. In addition to that, these professional valet attendants are also well insured so the guests do not have any problems. Our wedding planning company also ensures the background security checks of valet attendants.

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