Entertainment is an important part of the wedding ceremonies which is hallmark of the today’s weddings. People who want to show off their status in modern society invariable demands the best entertainment for their guests who are attending the wedding ceremony. The common entertainment program includes the dance of the choreographers, DJs and MCs, Live Orchestra, performances by the stand up comedians, performance by folk dancers, sound and light shows, pyrotechnics, celebrity appearance etc.

As our company, www.shaadiwala.in is a wedding planner company; we also organize the entertainment for the guests as per the client’s wishes. All the client has to do is to express his dreams regarding the entertainment ideas and we handle all the practical issues which are involved in this process. The process includes contacting the concern people in advance and negotiates with them regarding the booking of their act, time and date. It also involves the negotiating of the fees of the different artistes which are required, their transportation and venue for rehearsal of the act.

In addition to that, we also are involved in the designed and construction of the stage or place where the entertainment program will be staged for the guests. We do the seating arrangements in advance for the entertainment shows and create the mood and ambient lighting for maximum enjoyment of the guests. We are also responsible for the state of art sound and lighting system during the entertainment program.

All you have to do is to choose the best entertainment program as per your and the bridal couple’s choice. Our executives are extensively trained and experienced to handle all the contingencies regarding the entertainment program which has been planned and executed for the entertainment of your guests during wedding. We ensure that the entertainment program is executed as per the scheduled and there are minimum mishaps on the way.

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Shaadiwala is a destination wedding management company based in Jaipur.

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