Wedding Communication

Indian wedding is an elaborate and sacred affair which is conducted in presence of relatives and friends. The communication of any wedding is done by sending or delivery of the Indian wedding card by the brothers, sisters and father of the bride or groom. It is known as the Nimantran Patra, Lagnapatrika or Konkotr in different parts of India. The wedding card first invokes the name of presiding deity on the impending marriage and then communicates the complete information regarding the wedding such as the place, time and type of ceremony to the invited people. It also provides information to the invited guests regarding the name of the wedding couple and their parents and type of ceremony whether it is going ot be simple or lavish.

The design of wedding card reflects the rich cultural heritage of our country. Depending upon the taste, they are decorated with the beads, gems and beautiful designs. For the benefits of our customers, we offer an extensive portfolio of Indian wedding cards from which they can choose as per their taste. In addition to that, our wedding cards portfolio includes wedding cards for all religions without any discrimination. For the people, who want to designers cards, we have an array of choices which are very captivating. You can also make choices from the unique jewel wedding cards which are studded with the gemstones.

We are a wedding planner company which is based in Jaipur and help you to make the wedding which is once in a lifetime event truly memorable for you and your guests all your life. Starting with Indian wedding cards, we help you to make your wedding completely memorable. Indian wedding cards are considered as the start of the wedding event as they are one of the medium of communication with your guests and express your personality and style by choosing the best wedding card as per your taste.

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