Venues Selection / Destination

There are many people in India who want to immortalize the memories of their weddings like the elaborate marriages affairs shown in various Hindi movies. Towards that end, they want to solemnize their weddings in beautiful locations and venues in Rajasthan such as the Hotels, Havelis or other places. As we are a wedding planner company, we continuously research various locations in Rajasthan for their suitability regarding this important event in a lifetime.

The research includes various criteria’s such as the availability of the location or venue at the time and the date. The study includes the capacity of the venue to accommodate the number of the guests at the one time. It also includes the accommodation capacity of the venue or location for the number of guests who are expected to attend the ceremony and the expectation about the comfort of the guests while staying there.

We study different advantages and disadvantages of the location and present them to our clients for the best decisions. We also provide information to our clients regarding the transportation facility to the locations under consideration. As Indian weddings are 2 or 3 days affair, we also provide the information regarding the type of accommodation for the guests and various activities which the guests can enjoy such as visiting different sightseeing spots and shopping. We also help them to enjoy their stay at the venue with different types of activities which makes their stay more memorable during the event.

As a wedding planner company, we present lot of options to our clients for the memorable wedding event. In addition to that, we provide complete information regarding all the venues and locations which are available at the date and time for wedding event to our clients. The client and his family members can make the best choice as per their tastes and budget.

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Shaadiwala is a destination wedding management company based in Jaipur.

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