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10 Tips to Choose Your Bridal Jewelry!

Jewelry makes a woman complete and forms an integral part of a bride’s getup to give an exquisite look to her personality on the biggest day of her life. Undoubtedly, bridal jewelry adds glam to the bride’s aura and forms a significant part of her wedding trousseau.



Every bride dreams of looking like a princess on her marriage ceremony and jewelry makes that dream come true by giving an amazing affect to her personality. In fact, every bride also desires to wear jewelry with a unique touch which makes her look different and also goes well with her attire and over all getup.




So, for choosing the perfect bridal jewelry, it’s necessary to plan everything beforehand and select each piece of jewelry carefully keeping the bride’s dress and her over all personality in mind.

Here are 20 tips which can be used by a bride to choose her bridal jewelry to get the most stunning look on her d-day:

Before giving the tips, it is important to understand that the planning of jewelry should be done beforehand as any kind of bridal jewelry takes around a month to be ready if it is made as per your choice or alterations need to be done to match with your wedding costume. The best way is to start planning about your jewelry as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Other important things are to set a budget and plan accordingly so that the money spent on jewelry items doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket.


Some other important things to keep in mind are to buy jewelry items only from trusted jewelry shops which also give proper certificate of the jewelry you buy. It’s important to do that if you think of selling your jewelry in future.

  1. Matching neckline with necklace silhouette:

It is one of the important points to be considered while planning one’s jewelry, specially the necklace. If the necklace silhouette is not in accordance with the neckline, the beauty of the dress as well as the exquisiteness of the necklace both will be marred.


  1. Buy Detachable Heavy Jewelry Pieces:

The jewelry pieces made for weddings are generally so heavy that they are rarely used after one’s wedding ceremony. For this, the best option is to opt for such heavy jewelry pieces which can be detached later. Keeping in view the rising demand for such items, such pieces are readily available in the shops especially for necklace pieces and earrings.



  1. Earrings should match the Hair style:

Before buying the matching set of necklace and earrings, one must keep in mind the hair style and visualize whether it would go with it or not. One can also try it beforehand to give a clear picture and order for alterations accordingly.




  1. Utilize your mother’s jewelry to give a classic touch:


Old is gold and this fact can’t ever be denied. For occasions like marriage when a bride is expected to be in the most traditional attire, what else can be better than wearing one’s mother’s jewelry by making some alterations in it according to one’s dress? It certainly gives a classic touch to one’s personality.






  1. Match your jewelry according to your wedding occasion:

In a wedding occasion, there are many functions like mehandi ceremony, sangeet and fere. The bridal jewelry should be chosen accordingly and the heaviest ones should be kept for the main marriage ceremony.



  1. Keep the jewelry highlighted:

Choose the jewelry in a way that it gets highlighted by your wedding dress rather than getting dimmed by the beauty of the dress. So, the metal should be chosen keeping in view the matching colors of the bridal dress.


  1. Avoid too many colours in the jewelry:

Using multicoloured jewelry is a strict no on wedding occasions as it makes the look messy and removes attention from the overall beauty of the bride.



  1. Check if the metal of the jewelry suits your skin tone:

It is very important to note that one should check this beforehand. Sometimes, the jewelry piece is very beautiful but doesn’t go well with the person’s skin tone.


  1. Don’t opt for many metals together:

The bridal jewelry is available in a variety of metals with a lot of trendy designs. However, not more than two or three metals should be used as it gives a messy look to the bride.


  1. Buy trendy designs:


Opt for a design which can be used later as well so, the best option is to choose trendy designs which can be worn on other occasions as well without giving a heavy look to it.




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