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Sangeet or a musical night contributes a lot when it comes to pushing the boat out for an Indian wedding extravaganza. Family bonding, fun, frolic, drama, laughter riots, excitement and what not; Sangeet offers everything and is one of the most awaited pre-wedding celebrations. The best and the most vibrant of all the events; it serves perfectly to the platter of wedding events and rituals. But apart from the roller coaster ride, understanding the tradition of music and dance becomes a must. Though it signifies endless facets, there are few essence and things that are etched in Indian culture and history and makes this musical night complete with the blend of traditional and modern flavour. Let’s witness this pre-marriage ceremony rooted in Indian and wedding culture.    


The Tradition Back Then
One of the most cherished pre-party events today was once a women-only ritual. It is held usually a day or two before the wedding and it used to be a small affair organized for and within the family members (women-only) at home. Back then, the women clan from the bride or groom’s side used to sing and dance to the beats of drum or dhol. Songs for bride (banni) and groom (banna), the suhag songs and other songs including banters were the part of the ladies sangeet program. Ladies from the neighbour (preferably same community) used to gather and have singing sessions. Taking turns in singing, they used to tap the dholak using a spoon or other objects from home. So, this is how this singing tradition or sangeet established. 



sangeet night
Source Karan Sidhu Photography


From a Ladies Sangeet to an Extravagant Musical Night

With time the sangeet ceremony started became innovative, an ostentatious affair and has turned more into a family get-together. Modern times could see men too joining in the fun and festive vibes of sangeet night. Power-packed with background songs, live performances, professional singers, ultimate cuisine, drinks and decor, lavish outfits; Sangeet ceremony has seen a makeover over the years. The scenario is no less than a Red Carpet Event or an Award Show in modern times. People from all age group participate and take their turns to sing and shake a leg for the event. Light, screens, troupes, skits and dramas are also a part of the sangeet scenario today. Girls and boys groove to the latest hip-hop, jazz, pop and other choreographed songs. Infact sangeet today is  larger than life affair. Not to miss the gasp-worthy bride and groom entry scenes and performances in few cases.



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Significance Of Sangeet

Sangeet is absolutely a merry-making event and is conducted for close family members to sing and dance their heart out for the bride and groom’s most special day of life. It’s a perfect event to express the joy, excitement and emotions amidst the hectic wedding schedule. Well, apart from being a booster to the celebrations, sangeet also has an interesting history. Be it young, old or middle-aged; it’s time for each and every family member to bond with each other, especially amidst the crazy wedding preparations.

Traditional songs for bride and groom are prepared and sung to mark the union of the couple and bless them for their togetherness. In earlier times, the sangeet function used to last for 8 to 10 days. Ladies used to sing in unison to the tune of the dhol with the bride and groom as the focal point.



Source Lin and Jirsa

Source Lin and Jirsa


Dance and Drama

Close friends, cousins and infact jolly aunties and fun-loving uncles are like a rocking group to jazz up the entire celebration. None of the details is overlooked when it comes to light up the musical night. The family members and cousins dance and perform to the already-compiled list of songs. The theatre-like setting is organized where even the bride and groom come for their solo performances.  In most of the weddings, bridesmaids and groomsmen participate in drama and kit organized to tease the bride and groom with funny banters, one-liner, jokes and comical gags and captions. Overall, it’s a night of joyous dancing and endless entertainment.


Source Indian Wedding Photography
Source Indian Wedding Photography


Source Saugata Sarkar
Source Saugata Sarkar


Source Mohitjjauraphotography
Source Mohitjjauraphotography


The Evergreen Songs

Songs certainly hold a lot of significance because majorly it aims at couples in a fun and emotional way. There are few songs and dance sequences performed by a family that straight away target the couple and close family members in a fun way. Laung Gawacha, Lathe Di Chadar, Kaala Doriyan , Mere Haathon Me Nau Nau Chooriyan and other yesteryear songs are sung or played for the leg-pulling sessions. Songs implying the cruel mother-in-law, supportive brother-in-law and quarrelling sister-in-law (all for fun and jest ofcourse) are played or sung to make the sangeet cool and careless affair. So, sangeet songs give immense scope for all kinds of expressions.



Drool-worthy Decoration

A glam decor is a must to make the gala musical affair appear even more hatke, enthusiastic and epic.  A trendy and quirky decor adds to the celebratory mode. Fairy lights, bulbs, colourful streamers, drapes, decorated umbrellas are used to adorn the sangeet venue and stage. It’s all upto the family and their budget to make it fanciful and outstanding. It’s a night-long madness and everyone would love to kick-start the concert (that’s how it is these days) in a drool-worthy way.



Peppy Outfits

Sangeet is one of the most fun-inducing events of a wedding celebration and that calls for a chance to express your fashion sense and style statement. The gala function almost turns into a red carpet event with ladies and gentlemen sashaying in trendy and colourful outfits. From Indo-western outfits to traditional wedding wear lehengasanarkali suits, gowns saree pants and peplum kurtas; we see a gallery of stylish and exquisitely-done attires. Bride and groom squad even coordinate their outfits to look cool, flattering and to have an amazing photo-session too. And it doesn’t just stop there. Boys and girls also take their style statement a notch higher with added accessories and personalized dresses with captions or messages imprinted on them. Cool couture definitely adds to the fun and festive vibes.



Though all the exciting traditions and rituals come to the forefront to make the wedding an extravagant affair, sangeet stands out and has its own rhythm. The melodious ceremony spellbinds people to dance to its tunes. Need we say more?

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