Wedding Pheras
Wedding Pheras

Bring Some Fun to Your Wedding Pheras With These 5 Ideas


Wedding Pheras


Unlike other countries, India is well known for its wedding customs. The ‘saath pheras’ are an integral part of all the wedding rituals without which any Indian wedding is incomplete.


Sounds like some serious business, right? But what’s wrong with adding some spice to these rituals and make it more interesting? After all, you don’t want your relatives and guests to be bored at the ceremony rather than enjoying it and blessing you!


So, here are some fun ideas on how you can make your pheras more interesting and keep your guests engaged.


  1. Have placards distributed to your guests


Wedding Pheras

You might have attended a lot of weddings, but how often do you bother to know the meaning of these 7 vows and the chants by panditji? You don’t, right?

Well, it will be amazing to let your guests know and understand the vows you take and the meaning of each ritual.


  1. Replace flowers with something different to throw at you while you take phera?


Wedding Pheras

Get more creative with the most interesting and fun part of the pheras where the guests throw flowers at you during your pheras.

So, get confetti and glitter for you guests to throw at you.

P.S. it is also cost effective.


  1. Popcorn, please?


Wedding Pheras

More often than not, the pheras are scheduled in the middle of the night. So, what if some cute candy popcorn comes to the rescue!

And, who could forget the wedding where they were served some hot and yum popcorn during the pheras!


  1. Some Bollywood Drama!?


Wedding Pheras

Congratulating and greeting the newlyweds with claps is passé. So, add some bollywood touch by distributing daflis to your guests so they can congratulate with the Tambourines!


  1. Recite your vow


Wedding Pheras
Image Source: Digital Dream Studio


It may be a Christian wedding ritual, but hey, it’s cute and interesting. It is something to cherish throughout your life when you create your vows and understand the gravity of each sentence and promises you make.

                                            Which idea are you going to incorporate for your wedding?

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