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Unique Party Ideas for Couples for their Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings these days are no more only about exchanging rings and taking pheras amidst your loved ones but more about celebrating the festivity that they are to bits. From keeping the ceremonies minimal yet extravagant to hosting a week-long affair, couples these days are making sure that their wedding celebrations are avant-garde and spell class and grandeur. One such way that couples have been incorporating as a part of their wedding revelries is partying.

Parties that are centered around a particular theme or speaks of the couple’s tastes have been a big hit this year and have redefined the wedding party scenes. With truckloads of ideas and themes to experiment with, the couples are all in for creating a unique experience for their families and guests to remember for a lifetime.

For us, real couples are real inspirations and this blog is exactly that. Along with the cliched cocktail nights and pool parties, we spotted couples throwing some amazingly crazy parties as a part of their wedding ceremonies and we’re just left gawking upon the ideas incorporated. We suggest that you get scrolling already and start taking notes for yourself!

1. Superheroes galore

This couple had a superhero-themed cocktail as one of their wedding functions and have us blown outta our wits. This cocktail is probably the only event where both the DC and Marvel universes united. From cutesy little superhero badges that could be pinned onto clothes to 2D and 3D masks in Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America, the guests were seen going gaga and posing with the props like super happy kids. The customized superhero dance floor was another highlight on which the couple danced to a superhero song with the bride wearing a customized cape. How cute, isn’t it?

2. Pyjama Party

It’s just a few months back when blogger bride Margi Sakariya threw a pyjama party for her guests and broke the internet with this new trend. With guests grooving to peppy music under the glitzy disco lights in their pjs and bathrobes, the party was one helluva night to remember. See the pictures for yourself!
(And oh, not to forget the unique props like popcorn, eye masks, and comfy slippers.)

3. Sufiyana Night

This is a perfect way to celebrate your love for Sufi music as a part of your wedding festivities. This couple hosted a Sufi themed night and it was one surreal and soothing affair. With a warm and plush ambiance created using red, gold and orange drapes, fresh flowers and pretty chandeliers and the legend Adil Hussaini’s performance, the guests were left completely enthralled.

4. The Sneaker Party for shoe lovers!

For their big fat indian wedding in Bangkok, Mira and Ravine hosted a party centered around sneaker shoes (since Ravine is the owner of the shoe company Sneaker Surge). With performances in LED lit costumes and every guest receiving a pair of LED lit shoes that they wore throughout, this party titled “Let’s Get Lit” was an absolute glitzy affair.

5. After parties that suit your moods!

Anil and Bhavika, for the last day of their wedding merrymaking, decided to have two different after parties in unique themes. First was “The Pakeeza Night” that was centered around people’s love for old Bollywood songs. With artists performing to the classic Hindi songs and the decor done aesthetically in green-gold hues, the night weaved a perfect oldy charm.

The next party titled “The Mad Hatter’s Party” was themed around the classic book (or movie) “Alice in Wonderland” for which the resort’s nightclub was completely transformed into the wonderland’s magical forest. The decor was done accordingly with smoky floors, signages, floating hats, frames, and clocks. Adding more drama to the whole night were the hostesses & bartenders dressed as the characters.

6. Turkish Night

This billionaire wedding in Antalya, Turkey made sure to not leave the Turkish essence behind and hence the couple hosted a glamorous Turkish night. With the bride entering on a gorgeous palki and lots of performances by Turkish artists the night was no less than a festivity. Sticking true to its theme was the decor in warm hues done in red and gold drapes, antique table settings and warm lights.

7. A stylish and mod bachelorette

OutHouse Jewellery founder Kaabia Grewal’s 6-day Mykonos bachelorette was not your ordinary girl’s trip! It was a stylish extravaganza as everyone in her I DO (s) Crew donned similar Shivan & Narresh Swimwear & Resort wear collection. With personalized favors and jewellery and everybody coordinating in their sassy outfits every day, the bride squad undoubtedly nailed the bachelorette game!

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